Elbert Insights: Housing Styles of Indianapolis Neighborhoods

When it comes to the variety of home types available, Indianapolis is a fascinating and vibrant city. Throughout the Indy area, there are all types of housing styles, ranging from the historic to the practically futuristic. Take a drive up Meridian or College, and you’ll feel as though you’re on an architectural tour. While there are varied house designs in every neighborhood, there are some you simply can’t miss seeing in Indianapolis communities. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular house types in several of our city’s most well-known neighborhoods.

Fountain Square Bungalows

This burgeoning Indianapolis area was once home to a huge blue-collar population. So, it should be no surprise that affordable and budget bungalow houses still line the streets of Fountain Square. These homes are on the smaller side, generally being one-story. The roofs are sloped, and often the house will feature a dormer window and veranda. Fountain Square bungalows also generally have larger living rooms, with bedrooms and additional spaces being more compact. Fountain Square bungalows are generally more cost-effective when it comes to heating and cooling costs and are a great option for disabled individuals due to its size.

Garfield Park Craftsmen

With the rolling hills and beautiful spaces of this neighborhood’s titular park, residents have great sightlines thanks to the plentiful porch space of craftsman homes. Though many Garfield Park craftsman homes were built decades ago, their sturdy construction means owners can plan to live in them for years to come. Along with the large porches, craftsman homes have over-extended eaves to provide coverage for the outdoor area. The roofs are of the low-pitched gable variety as well.

Meridian Kessler Dutch Colonial

Visitors to the Meridan Kessler area are often wowed by well-kept estates that populate this Indianapolis neighborhood. Though the area features many different types of housing styles, the most oft-repeated Meridian Kessler house style is Dutch Colonial Revival. These houses are identifiable by a broad, double-pitched roof which has a flatter top and then steep slopes down. This roofing style provides space for livable attics and third floor bedrooms. The floor plans can be open-style due to the large amount of square footage Meridan Kessler homes are known for.

Lockerbie and Fletcher Place Victorian Houses

These close-by neighborhoods are both filled with stunning Victorian homes. This housing type quite literally stands above the rest, as the Victorian homes in Lockerbie and Fletcher Place routinely feature ornate towers and widow’s peaks. The windows are another notable element, as they take many shapes and sizes; some may be what’s known as eyebrow windows, or even stained glass. Victorian house roofs are quite steep and feature many peaks throughout.

Crow’s Nest Mid-Century Modern

Tucked away just west of Broad Ripple is the Crow’s Nest neighborhood. This community is home to a bounty of mid-century modern houses. While the building style varies from property to property, the mid-century modern homes of Crow’s Nest all share a seemingly futuristic aesthetic. These Indianapolis homes are often full of sharp angles and minimalist design. Mid-century modern roofs are generally quite flat so as to keep with the clean lines throughout the building. However, some mid-century modern roofs are built at a sharp, 45-degree angle. Additionally, there are often large windows that overlook the yard.

Greenwood Ranch Style Houses

Many Indianapolis families and homeowners choose to move south to Greenwood to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When they do, they’re greeted by large yards and ranch houses that typically stand far back from the curb. Ranch-style houses are generally one-story and feature an open floor plan on the interior. Outside, ranch roofs are low-pitched with eaves that extend. You also tend to see ranch-style houses with an attached garage.
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