Elbert Insights: Winter Proofing a Midwest Home

Midwest winters are some of the most brutal seasons anywhere in the country. Here in Indianapolis, we experience below-freezing temperatures, blankets of snow on the ground and buildings, and extremely icy conditions wherever we walk or drive. Indianapolis homeowners should know just how important it is to winterize their houses to avoid the extensive damage that winter can bring. Before the chillier months arrive at your doorstep, let’s go over a few important tips for winter proofing an Indianapolis home.

Inspect and Repair Your Roof

This is one of the most important tasks in winterizing a home. When snow piles up on a roof, it can cause water to pool and leak into your home. Additionally, the weight of the snowfall can cause holes to form and damage the structural integrity of your home. Before the winter arrives, your Indianapolis home roof should be inspected by a roofing professional to see where repairs need to be made.

Clean Out Your Gutters

No one likes to clean gutters, we get that. But when leaves pile up in the gutters and downspouts during the fall, the heavy snows of winter can cause leaks and water damage to your home. Because these are pointed down to the ground, clogged gutters during the winter may also mean additional foundation damage can occur. Along with cleaning out your gutters, the roofing pros at Elbert Construction can make repairs or install new gutters if needed.

Seal Leaks Around Windows and Doors

Snow isn’t the only byproduct of a harsh winter. The colder months also bring chilling blasts of icy, Arctic air. If the sealing around windows and doors isn’t adequate, those chilly winds may end up cooling down your house quite a bit. Not only will these drafts make your home uncomfortable, but they’ll also cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Make sure you have appropriate weather stripping and consider installing storm windows to keep your Indianapolis house nice and toasty.

Keep Your Pipes Safe

One of the most disastrous events in harsh winter weather is having your pipes burst. The water damage alone can be devastating, and repairing a burst pipe is generally expensive. To prevent such an experience, take time to confirm that your pipes are properly insulated. While you’re at it, have a plumber confirm that your water mane is up for the challenge of the winter months. During winter, be sure to keep your heat set at least at 60 degrees to ensure the pipes don’t freeze. If you do leave, perhaps for travel during the holidays, make sure to turn on your faucets to a slight drip to make sure the water keeps moving and doesn’t turn to ice.

Perform Furnace Check-Ups

At the end of a long, wintery day, all we want to do is shake the snow from our boots and warm up inside. But when your heater isn’t reliable, you may still be shivering inside your own home. Prior to the arrival of the winter months, make sure to change the filters and clean the air ducts. To be sure, hire a heating professional to perform a general furnace upkeep check. They’ll be able to root out any potential problems that could lead to a heat outage during the icy season.
Keeping your Indianapolis home safe during the winter months means partnering with the right roofing professionals. Elbert Construction has been a part of the Indianapolis community for years, providing quality roofing in Indianapolis, Fishers, Noblesville, Greenwood, Speedway, Zionsville, and all other areas in between. Before the frost is on the pumpkins, call Elbert Roofing to schedule your roof inspection right away.