Elbert Construction: Contractors You Can Trust

Working hand in hand with agents to care for our customers.

Insurance agents strive to provide the best possible care for their customers, so when it comes to recommending contractors, many choose Elbert. We've long worked with insurance agencies as a recommended contractor to guide customers through the insurance claims process. We provide all the necessary documentation required by claims adjusters, meet with insurance adjusters, and achieve the best possible outcome for clients.
We even have a dedicated team member focused on coordinating between agents, customers, and Elbert.

Meet Kathryn Heckman

Kathryn focuses on maintaining the exceptional relationships Elbert Construction has with various insurance agents and agencies. She coordinates meetings to effectively communicate new product and service developments to ensure we adequately meet the requirements of insurance agencies and comply with industry standards. Kathryn works with the agencies to ensure customer satisfaction before, during and after all services has been provided, as well as providing management with all feedback. Her enthusiasm and experience ensure excellent working relationships and customer service.
Office: 317.219.3797
Office Fax: 317.219.0516
Cell: 317.679.9943
Email: kheckman@elbertroofing.com